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Quasar Strip LED - 230V

High versatility of LED lighting

Maximum energy efficiency for every need of use: Arteleta Quasar Led is the first strip led up to 50 meters, without brightness interruptions. 

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the system that illuminates and creates atmosphere

MINI HD LIGHT, decorative light chain.

Modular system to illuminate gardens, restaurants, bars, gazebos and parties.

Thanks to its modularity, it offers the great advantage of being able to build sections up to 50 m and decide where to place the lamp holders.

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MOON series led ceiling

Versatility and great brightness

The MOON ceiling lamp range has all the characteristics of modern LED lighting products: low power consumption, energy saving, intense and uniform luminous flux, long duration of the LEDs, therefore less maintenance and reduced operating costs, small dimensions.

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Mars and Fobos Led floodlights

high efficiency lighting

The Mars and Fobos LED floodlights are the high efficiency solution by Arteleta for outdoor lighting, able to offer the highest light output in a resistant and versatile body designed for many outdoor applications.

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The light that designs your home

The LED strip is increasingly conquering new areas of installation. The advent of high performance strips has meant that today the LED strip is increasingly used as a source to illuminate even large spaces. In this sense, Arteleta offers a wide range of professional led strips with high performance in terms of luminous flux, light and energy efficiency, and cutting-edge solutions. These are products with 12V and 24V supply voltage, for outdoor and indoor, with color temperatures ranging from 2700 ° K to 6500 ° K, or with many different colors including RGB, with high brightness LEDs.

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