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Quasar Strip LED - 230V

long-lasting versatile lighting

Maximum energy efficiency for every need of use: Arteleta Quasar Led is the first strip led up to 50 meters, without brightness interruptions. 

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the system that illuminates and creates atmosphere

MINI HD LIGHT, decorative light chain.

Modular system to illuminate gardens, restaurants, bars, gazebos and parties.

Thanks to its modularity, it offers the great advantage of being able to build sections up to 50 m and decide where to place the lamp holders.

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Our range of solar projectors and armors

Efficacy, savings and sustainability

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CCT ceiling light

Innovative ceiling lights with "colour change" technology, equipped with presence detector. 

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LED projectors changing shades of white

The right light, just when you need it!

Highly efficient and customizable LED lighting thanks to an innovative light shade selection system.

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Led armor

Maximum light output and exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents: Polaris LED armors are the highly efficient solution for outdoor lighting.

With 5 different symmetrical and asymmetrical optics, Polaris LED armors have been designed for multiple outdoor applications.

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