An extremely bright and efficiency strip

Quasar LED is a highly efficient LED Strip system that guarantees not only very high efficiency in terms of energy saving, but also considerable savings in terms of management, as it not required external driver.

Installation is extremely simple. Its length (up to 50 MT per reel), provided to cover spacious spaces with a power source. A saving that can be easily understood in terms of installation

Caratteristiche Quasar

Quasar LED: the LED Strip with all the necessary features

Maximum energy efficiency for every need of use: Arteleta's Quasar Led is the first LED strip up to 50 meters long without interruptions of brightness and high luminous efficiency.

News of the Lyvialed brand by Arteleta, for over seventy years a leading company in the distribution of electrical lighting products, home automation, decorations and tools, the Quasar Led strips are much more than a simple decoration: without power supplies or rectifiers, which can be connected directly to the electric line and sectionable every 100mm to adapt to any lighting need, the Quasar Led strips have a luminous efficiency value of 100 lm / W.

An innovative lighting system suitable for internal and external uses of any kind. Compared to traditional strips, Quasar Led represents a unique solution on the market, able to significantly reduce costs thanks to the absence of feeders and welds. The same coil can cover up to 50 meters with a single direct connection to the 230V 50Hz network.

The minimum cutting section of just 100mm gives maximum customizable of adaptation to every measurement and reduces the waste of unused strip parts. The strips can be dimmed at will and are designed to achieve the lowest possible flicker level, not visible to the human eye. The silicone sheath ensures IP65 weatherproof and low content of volatile organic compounds, making Quasar Led the ideal solution even for outdoor installations.

Extraordinary versatility

Quasar Led is suitable for a vast assortment of applications, in domestic or commercial locations (for shops, restaurants, hotels, interior design or façade decoration), in industry (to illuminate warehouses, corridors and technical rooms) and for signaling uses (logos, signs, road works).

Arteleta offers a wide range of accessories that can be adapted to Quasar Led strips, ranging from tensioners to power supply kits to guarantee the widest installation possibilities.

Quasar Led is available in two different sizes, with reels of 5 or 50 meters, and two color temperatures, daylight white and warm white, with a 120 ° diffusion angle, a color rendering of over 80 and a luminous flux of 1800 lm/m.

Each strip has an estimated duration of 40 thousand hours, reducing consumption thanks to the energy efficiency index A ++.

The jewel in the crown of the innovative patented Lyvialed production technology, able to ensure excellent standards and reduced consumption, Quasar Led is part of the vast offer of the Arteleta International catalog, an exceptional production range that is the result of the utmost care placed on quality and product accessibility. Arteleta does not limit itself to supplying electrical equipment: it is committed to offering tools for a better daily and working life, through innovative products and solutions and a constant commitment to international research.

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