Una striscia ad alta efficienza estremamente luminosa

Energy-saving lighting is perfect/suitable for every enviroment: the Arteleta’s Quasar Led Series, the first high efficence led strip with a length that goes up to 50 metres without any lighting interruption, with the 2022 catalogue it adds new models. Quasar Led is Arteleta’s Lyvialed strength, which is since more than seventy years leader in the distribution of high quality electrical accessories, and is the led strip with no driver or rectifier, attachable directly to the electronic line and sectionable every 100mm to easly adapt to every need of lighting. Dimmable as liked and with a value of light efficence of 100 lm/W, the Quasar strips are a practical and fast system of lighting to instal.

Caratteristiche Quasar

Quasar LED: la LED STRIP with all of the necessary features

In general, compared to the traditional strips, Quasar Led represents a unique alternative on the merch capable to significantly lower the costs thanks to the absence of ballasts. The same reel can cover up to 50 metres with just one direct attachment to the mains 230 V 50Hz.

Quasar Led’s strips are also thought to comply with the new directive ERP, in the fields of ecodesign, others performances and energy saving. The sheath in silicone  ensures an IP65 watertight seal, making Quasar Led be the perfect solution also for outdoors installations.

To simplify the installation and adapt to every need avoiding waste, every Quasar Led’s model is available in three different mesurements, including reels from 5,25 to 50 metres. They are also available in four different light tones, choosing between extra hot white (2.700 °K), hot white (3.000 °K), daylight (4.000 °K) and cool white (6.000 °K).

Version RGB

Woth of mention is also the Quasar Led RGB model, the first led strip 230 V direct voltage LED with RGB technology for colour change. A long strip with a length of 50 metres without interruptions in lighting but with the possibility of sectioning and re-feeding every 50 cm.

The Quasar Led RGB strips are much more than a simple decoration:  power supplies or rectifiers are not incorporated, they are directly attachable to the electronic line and they are sectionable every 50 cm to freely adapt to every need of light. Quasar Led is a lighting innovational system made by the strip, the controller and the  remote.

Thanks to the controller art. CTR300 is possible to switch colour, dim and set effects and light sequences. An alternative to the controller, if you attach the common to the neutral and one single chanel R, G or B to the fase conductor, you will obtain one single homogeneous colour in all of the strip’s length.

New range

The new Quasar Led versions expand the Lyvialed catalogue with two solutions for led lighting with high wear resistance.

The model from 10 W/m to 1.000 lm/m, has been thought for all those situations in which the traditional model 18,5W and 18.500 lm/m seems having a light flow too intense. Equipped with hygroscopic silicone sheath, from the high dielectric power and low content of volatile organic compounds. With a level of protection IP65, which makes it indicated for outside applications, this strip enjoys of an average life of 35.000 hours of functioning.

The version HVLRM, from 18,5 W/m, is studied for for heavy use even in brackish atmospheres such as coastal areas. A special silicone extrusion coating with IP67 degree of protection and expected lifetime of 50.000 hours allow to have a strong product capable to sustain bad weather and harsh atmospheres. The exclusive profiles in aluminium Light Blade complete the novelties in the catalogue, indicated for the installation of the Quasar Led and Quasar Led RGB strips.

Designed to fix to the plasterboard, Light Blade profiles are made of aluminium, the Light Blade profiles are made of anodized aluminium, equipped with multi-perforated fins and diffuser in sanitated polycarbonate, and can be integrated with all the necessary accessories for linear, curved and jointed connections. The perfect support for the infinite Quasar Led apapplicative possibilities. 

Extrordinary versatility

The wide versatility of the Quasar Led strips makes them a suitable range for the most diverse installations.

The flawless resistance to external agents of the new models permits extended possibilities of application in home and commercial enviroments, for oustside designs and window and façade decorations in industry and signalling applications, from signs to street lights.

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