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Our history

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Arteleta - "ARTicoli ELettrici ET Affini" - was born in Milan on October 17th 1944, by initiative of an entrepreneur named Samuel Sullam.

After the war the company was sold to the Viganò family, which gave it a modern impulse and organization.

During the years of Italian economic boom, the present business started to shape up, with the acquisition of important representation contracts of exclusive European leaders, and extended products range branded LYVIA. So the need to provide the company with more larger warehouses and new offices, to witness the passage from a family management to an entrepreneurial one.
So, in 1965 the company moved to the current location in Cinisello Balsamo.

Arteleta is immediately set up on the electric market as a commercial company whose know-how consists in researching and building in various parts of the world electrical products never banal, with an excellent quality-price ratio, which then distributes on the Italian market.

In 1991 the company was renamed ARTELETA INTERNATIONAL; to show the purpose to keep up with the market changes and new global reality. 

In 2005, with the entry of Burchielli and Bebber into the corporate structure, the last transformation was carried out into ARTELETA INTERNATIONAL SPA.

Further development is given in terms of global product offering, which has turned to the innovative LED lighting market, with the introduction of the LYVIALED brand, with the acquisition of new warehouses and the adoption of the latest information technologies, to increasingly improve logistics and commercial services for customers.

Our offer

Quality products and certificates

Always looking for the most innovative and competitive solutions, Arteleta is able to offer a wide range of products ranging from traditional electrical material to the most innovative LED lighting products.

Arteleta’s offer includes 6 range of products: 

The Arteleta offer includes six large families of products:

  • LYVIALED: products for modern civil and industrial LED lighting
  • Home automation products: P.I.R., wireless door chimes, timers
  • Plugs, sockets, multi-socketss, TV accessories and telephony
  • Fishtapes in nylon, steel, Teflon, fibreglass with many accessories
  • Lighting products: torches, emergency lanterns
  • Professional Christmas lights
  • Signalling products: subminiature filament bulbs, signal lamps, LED


Through a big network of agents and wholesalers Arteleta assures the presence of products branded LYVIA and LYVIALED (registered and property of Arteleta International Spa).

Each range of products is able to satisfy different requirements of installation
All products are designed, built and distributed in compliance with European and Italian regulations.

Our mission

Innovation and reliability

Arteleta International is constantly dedicated to the international search of products and innovative solutions, in order to improve everyday and professional/working life quality.

We are convinced that only a constant attention to innovation is the winning solution to keep Arteleta always at the attention of the market.

Since its foundation, Arteleta International has always been attentive to the dynamics of the world of distribution, trying to anticipate the times.

The characterizing traits that have contributed to its success are the commercial solidity and a transparent having-hosting relationship with its partners (both customers and suppliers).

The wide range of products, the excellent quality-price ratio, the attention to logistics services, pre and post sales, are the pillars on which Arteleta International bases its daily actions.


According to the current standards, Arteleta moves along two different directions to support installer of its products.
All products are marked with required CE mark and also with quality marks IMQ-GS-TÜV-VDE-BSI, certifying the products performance and quality.

Manuals accompanied by instructions, warranties and packaging boxes in Italian.

Here are two good reasons to choose the products Arteleta International S.p.A.

Furthermore, particular attention is paid to everything that constitutes an added value to the products sold.

Particular care is taken to packaging, clear and rigorously in Italian and aimed at helping the consumer to make an accurate choice of the product he is selecting.

Similarly, great care is given to instruction manuals, warranties according to the law and to all modern computer support as tutorials, Qr code, which, by reporting the user to technical data sheets and instruction manuals, can help in the product installation.


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