lighting system

Party lights is the system for outdoor decorative lighting which consents to create the right atmosphere for every situation.

The whole line is infact particulary flexible and capable to adapt to multiple ways of use, from the from linear lighting to the decoration of trees or structures. The concept of flexibility of Party Lights can be found also in his modularity, which consents installations just right where you neeed them. The accessories lamp holder are equipped with a power snap-in system, that allows the distance between the light points to be regulated at will, focusing the light following your own needs.

The system differs for his simpleness of installation and use, without needing any kind of driver or controller.

Party Lights is also highly customizable since you can you can make routes up to 50mt long, making the system ideal to use in greenhouses, gardens, terraces, gazebos and, of course, in the outdoor areas of bars and restaurants, which in this particular moment require the utmost attention to details in the delivery of light.


It’s possible to choose between multiple accessories necessary for a correct installation, from the blund cap to be installed at the end of the chain to the black rubber with support hook and strain relief system, to the one for the anchoring of the head and/or intermediate cable plate and strain relief system, to the twilight switch with protection IP44.

The system is available in white and black.


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