Our lights make your Christmas special

Decorating with light has always been one of our goals. And Christmas, for us, is the moment when this desire grows stronger.
The Christmas atmosphere that you begin to breathe in the cities, and even in our homes, leads us to imagine light effects, decorations, luminous waterfalls and bright lights everywhere, and pushes us to involve you, offering you the best products of our catalog, which meet all these needs, to emphasize the magic of this moment.

From luminous LED tubes to LED and traditional decorations, from road decorations to new 3D spheres, from LED and laser projectors to bright curtains for large facades, from mini cascades to luminous strings, up to the decorations and interior elements: we at Arteleta we have all the solutions to light up Christmas at its best!

And the night lights up...

The night is the most magical moment: the city lights up in a unique atmosphere. With our Joylight, Joylight LED and Mini-Cascade light curtains you can create incredible color effects. Easy and practical to install, they are ideal for home and urban outdoor furniture, as they are designed to withstand the elements (IP44 degrees of protection).
The reduced consumption and the scalability of these products allow the covering of large surfaces.

Our BATTERY LED JOY LIGHT ™ tent is particularly suitable for decorating shop windows, windows or trees. Battery operation makes it ideal for installation in public places even at man height, both indoors and outdoors, where access to the electricity grid is not possible.


The tree also lights up!

Our luminous garlands (STRINGLITE, LUCI PAZZE, MINICLIPLITE) are the ideal solution to decorate the protagonist of Christmas: the tree! Ductile, flexible, in many models and many colors, they allow you to give free rein to the imagination and create unique luminous decorations.

They are constructed in such a way as to be watertight (protection degree IP 44): they are therefore ideal for urban furniture. The new STRINGLITE LEDs also allow a longer extension and consistent energy savings.

MINICLIPLITE LED is the ideal product to make Christmas magical: high brightness, low consumption, easy installation. The LEDs are mounted in parallel on the bipolar flat cable. It is therefore possible to cut the series at any point you wish.

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The best light at night

Magical scenographies and festive atmospheres: with our ULTRALEDFLEX®, SUPERLEDFLEX® and ROLLFLEX® light tubes you can let the Christmas live in the right light, thanks to their flexibility and their brightness.

Our light tubes are suitable for decorating facades, windows, shop windows, salons, corridors, staircases, gardens, swimming pools, stages and so on. A great novelty for this Christmas is the IANUS® side two-sided LED emission tube, which allows a very high definition of shapes, contours, giving things a "new light": in the particular shape the SMD LEDs are mounted parallel and laterally, so that the light emission is lateral with respect to the two main faces. The result is a more defined light emission than the classic LED tubes, for a magical effect.

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A fast, simple and high-impact solution

Aren't city centers beautiful during Christmas?
It almost seems like the city wishes us well. Our luminous decorations are an ideal and quick solution to create this Christmas atmosphere. With the new LED decorations you can get a high-impact optical effect, with very low consumption. Many subjects of various sizes and colors, to be placed inside or outside, on windows, trees, walls, roads, in gardens and public places. Ready for use, they are a simple solution with a visual impact.

From the new luminous figures realized with the double-sided IANUS® LED tube or with the SUPERLEDFLEX® LED tube, to the luminous inscriptions made with the SUPERLEDFLEX® LED tube; from road decorations made with FLEXNEON® tube to 3D spheres made with LED luminous strings.

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Christmas even at home

A thin thread, a brilliant light point, a luminous sphere, a decorative element and lots of space for imagination and creativity. With our luminous interior decorations it is possible to give a new, different light to the table centerpieces, to the wreaths ... to that corner of the room that otherwise would remain hidden and forgotten.

LED wires ideal for lighting effects and to illuminate small spaces; battery-powered garlands; elegant bottles in blown glass, burnished and screen-printed, or spheres in blown glass, with or without silk-screen printing, inside which a series of innovative ultra-high brightness micro LEDs is inserted; trees and LED cones, bright branches, and much more ...

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The magic of Christmas everywhere

The magical atmosphere of Christmas also comes out of our homes: with these projectors, you can decorate facades of houses, buildings, companies with colorful and lively lighting effects.

You can choose between LED projectors that allow different moving subjects, and laser projectors, with which projections can be obtained even at considerable distances.

LED projector with single subject or with interchangeable subjects, designed for outdoor use (protection degree IP44), illuminate up to 12 meters. Noteworthy are the laser projectors for outdoor use: they illuminate up to 20 meters and can have up to 9 different projection effects with IP65 protection degree.

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Gli addobbi luminosi sono una soluzione ideale e veloce per creare l’atmosfera natalizia. Innumerevoli soggetti di varie dimensioni e colori, da collocare all’interno o all’esterno, su finestre, alberi, muri, attraversamenti...

Rope light

Con i tubi luminosi Arteleta si possono creare scenografie magiche ed atmosfere di festa che fanno vivere nella giusta luce il Natale. Il tubo luminoso è adatto per decorare facciate...


Centraline a microprocessore con velocità regolabile, intermittenze elettroniche antidisturbo corredate di fusibile di protezione, con alveoli protetti, giochi di luce, intermittenze meccaniche con condensatore antidisturbo, con alveoli protetti.

Decorativ projectors

With these projectors you can decorate facades of houses, palaces, companies with colorful lighting effects.You can choose between the LED projector that allow different moving subjects, and the laser projector...