TRITON: technology and design for maximum control of lighting

The long exprience in lighting, the new digital technologies, the desire to find new products that can exhibit more functions at the same time, brought Arteleta to develop the new ceiling lamps TRITON. A range born to satisfie the need to provide the market with a "universal" product, free from the constraint of having to choose at the time of purchase the desired tone of light, without losing the peculiarities of intense flow and uniform light diffusion.

TRITON is a ceiling lamp that allows to freely choose the best colour temperature necessary for the installation, choosing between three variants: 3.000°K, 4.000°K and 5.700°K. The body and the diffuser are entirely made of made of high strength polycarbonate (IK08) and high protection from dust and water (IP54), making TRITON a valid solution, long-lasting and trustable, for every kind of use outdoor and indoor.

The ceiling lamp TRITON is available in two shapes, rounded or squared, with 3 powers: 12W, 18W or 24W.

Versatile, the device is designed for both ceiling and wall installations. The essential design of minimal lines makes TRITON an aesthetic element right for every any outdoor furniture, ideal for balconies, patios and terraces.

TRITON MATIC, the automatic ceiling lamp

TRITON is particulary indicated for stairs lighting, communal lighting of stairs, landings and common areas. Just listening to the needs of building manager the TRITON MATIC version was developped, which combines to the TRITON features technology, praticity and innovation of a high frequence mouvement sensor and twilight switch.

That’s how it’s possible to switch on the ceiling lamp just during specific light conditions, for the previously set time and just when it detects human mouvement. Furthermore is possible to adjust the detection range, light intensity and brightness in stand-by mode.

Every function are settable and adjustable through a practical remote, which consents an inmediate regulation without to physically act on the ceiling lamp. TRITON MATIC propose sas a “must have” for home smart lighting and modern building, with a special regard for energy saving rather than practical use.

TRITON SMART, the smart ceiling lamp

To fill the needs of those places that always have to have a light, in this case and for any reason, the TRITON range offers the version TRITON SMART: a multifuncional ceiling lamp that focuses on itself every TRITON and TRITON MATIC characteristicsand functions, combining them to the emergency function.

The ceiling lamp is capable to offer a continued lighting even in case of blackout, ensuring an adapted light flow and of 10% of the nominal flow for a time of at least 90 minutes, higher than required by legislation. So TRITON SMART is capable to give both comfort and safety.

The ceiling lamp TRITON is finding favor with architects thanks to clean shapes and rounded corners, one design declined to assolve different functions allowing uniformity of style.

But it represents a top product also for installers and retailer, thanks to the fast and easy installation of the Click-Clack fastening system and to the possibility to reduce the stock levels without affecting the level of service and range towards customers.

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