Solar energy meets lighting technology

Efficiency, saving and : the energy produced thanks to sun is now, more than ever, a precious resource to reduce pollution and contribute into preserve our planet.

The solar energy is infact clean, renewable, autoproduced and free.

The birth of the projectors and LED armors equipped with incorporated and separate solar panel Solarjs, Solarjs Twin and Solarjs Street, is possible by unifying the advantages of the solar energy and Arteleta technology.

Easy to instal, they permit an intense night lighting in every place where connection can’t reach making possible work operations, sporting and recreational events, ceremonies, also in places in which until now it was essential the right lighting without any sofisticate items and generators that take too much space.


Solaris Street, the Led solar armor with solar panel integrated in the amor body and equipped with a bracket that allows both pole and wall mounting, ideal for public roads and large surfaces.

A high frequency presence sensor incorporato into the 2,4 GHz projector and a twilight sensor

Available in two wattages, from 15W and 40W.  


Solaris Twin is a LED projector with bi-facial solar panel separated from the led projector, studied to promote double irradiation and to increase the efficiency of the device itself which, with colour rending indicator over 80, grants an excelent outdoor lighting.

It’s equipped with a 55 SMD 2835 LED projector adjustable to 360°, equipped also with optic with lenses and separated from the solar panel, which allows the installation also in non-isolated outdoor enviroments.



On the other hand Solaris is the solar LED projector adjustable to 135°,  with solar panel monocrystalline optics with lenses and it can also be installed on the wall through adjustable 360 º bracket.

Available in 2 wattages, from 5W and 10W.


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