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Lyviadect presence detectors

Because of the prices of energy that keep going up everyday and the need to commit to take care of our planet, now more than ever is important to reduce the energy waste looking for solutions that allow to contain the costs. Adjusting the light where not needed allows to optimaze the use of lighting sources, making at the same time your own house safer.

Arteleta offers the presence infraded detector Lyviadect, capable to detect  people passing thanks to a high sensitivity Fresnel lens, with a detector angle of 180° and 12m of beam range.

The detector is equipped with a double joint support to offer the highest freedom of regulation which is attachable to every kind of lamp: incandescent up to 1800W, fluorescent up to 1000VA and led up to 450W. Lyviadect activates automatically the light just when necessary. The circuit with zero-crossing technology  optimises the activation of loads, extending the average life of connected lamps, also limiting energy waste and remarkably reducing consumption .

Lyviadect was created with long-lasting and strong materials and is equipped with comb connection terminal block to facilitate the installation and wall support with wide compartment for electrical connection. The protection degree from water and other external agents IP55 makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. The easiness of assembly and versatility of use make Lyviadect an indicated solution for every enviroment, for households and not. Thanks to the test function is also possible to adjust the direction of the device.

The extended Arteleta offer for 2022, adds to Lyviadect a wide selection of products to infrared detection. Lyviadect Relè offers the same construction, performance, safety and versatility features of Lyviadect. Compared to the last one, Lyviadect Relè has the output not in voltage, therefore with the possibility to activate loads operating at a different voltage than 230V without the need to use external relays.