The LED strip is increasingly conquering new areas of installation. The advent of high performance strips has meant that today the LED strip is increasingly used as a source to illuminate even large spaces. In this sense, Arteleta offers a wide range of professional led strips with high performance in terms of luminous flux, light and energy efficiency, and cutting-edge solutions. These are products with 12V and 24V supply voltage, for outdoor and indoor, with color temperatures ranging from 2700 ° K to 6500 ° K, or with many different colors including RGB, with high brightness LEDs.


We are always looking for innovative solutions, and in this particular sense arousing interest are two new strips: the first with 700 LEDs / m and a minimum cutting section of 1 cm, ensures an optical effect of "continuous line", ensuring at the same time an optimal distribution of light, since the cut at 1 cm makes it possible to exploit all the useful space. The second strip is working at direct voltage 230V, thus eliminating the need for the power supply, allowing up to 50 meters in length with a single power supply. The minimum cut at 10 cm ensures a good flexibility of use. The product was then designed for indoor use, but also outdoors, thanks to the IP 65 degree of protection.

Not just lights

In order to guarantee a correct professional installation, Arteleta has created a wide range of our aluminium profiles, which represent the ideal solution to obtain a linear led lighting and represent a valid aid to dissipating the heat produced by the LED strip.

In order to provide a 360 ° service, do not forget the power supplies specially designed for the LED strips. In particular the SLIM range, compact power supplies, both indoor and outdoor, which thanks to their small dimensions are the ideal solution for positioning in false ceilings and narrow spaces.

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Led strips

The LED strips have small dimensions, they are flexible, they can be sectioned at will, using the appropriate accessories they can be re-powered, extended etc; in addition, the LED has...

Aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles for led strips. Different models of profile are able for numerous installation requirements.  Each profile misure 2 meters and is equipped with all accessories for its fixing/recess. It’s...