MOON series led ceiling...

Arteleta continues its route into the world of LED lighting. This is the opportunity to present MOON: an innovative and complete range of LED ceiling lights.

The MOON ceiling lamp range has all the characteristics of modern LED lighting products: low power consumption, energy saving, intense and uniform luminous flux, long duration of the LEDs, therefore less maintenance and reduced operating costs, small dimensions.

 Peculiarity of these products, with round shape, is the essential design, the "minimal" lines with reduced thicknesses, flat surfaces and rounded corners, which allows a very wide use both in domestic and commercial areas.

 The versatility of these products allows you to install them both on the ceiling and on the wall. They are ideal for indoor installation, but thanks to the recent technological revision can also be installed outdoors, with degree of protection equal to IP44.

 From the point of the technical solutions adopted, these ceiling lights have a base in shock-resistant white high-strength technopolymer. This material is also dielectrically insulating and avoids grounding the appliance. The diffuser is in polycarbonate to allow the highest light diffusion with uniform light propagation over the whole diffuser surface.

 This important feature is due to a round plate placed on the base, on which are mounted hundreds of high brightness LEDs. The LEDs are driven by a power supply that keeps the basic electrical parameters constant, increasing the performance of the product and extending the average life of the LEDs. The result is a reduced thickness of only 5 cm, which allows a non-invasive installation from the design point of view.

...versatility and great brightness

Also for what concerns the installation, the ceiling lights are equipped with a rear bracket that allows an easy and quick fixing, simply rotating a few degrees the ceiling light on the bracket itself, allowing you to fix the bracket to the wall and only in a second time, fix the body of the ceiling light.

 Reffring to the range, 3 different wattages are available: 14W luminous flux 1.250 lm, 18W luminous flux 1.650 lm, and 22W with luminous flux 2.250 lm. Each wattage is then available in two different light shades: 3,000 ° K and 4,000 ° K

The latest addition to the MOON house is the "select color" version, where it is possible to change the color temperature of the ceiling light, passing from warm white to daylight to cold, simply by acting on a slide selector.

 To better adapt to the various installation needs, various solutions have been implemented.

 To maximize energy savings, models have been created equipped with a presence detector with high-frequency technology, able to detect the passage of people within the detector's range; and models equipped with dual input so you can choose full or 50% brightness.

 In addition, models with circuit and battery are available for automatic intervention in the event of a power failure.

 The release of the SMART version is planned for the second half of 2019, incorporating the functions of presence detector and emergency intervention, a version particularly appreciated for the lighting of lift cabins, staircases and landings.

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